Why was my application declined?

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There can be several reasons why an account application might be declined. Here are some common factors that could lead to a declined application:

  • High-risk industry: If your business operates in a high-risk industry, such as online gambling, adult entertainment, or debt collection, our sponson bank may decline your application due to the increased potential for fraud, chargebacks, or legal issues associated with these industries.

  • Poor credit history: Merchant account providers often assess the creditworthiness of applicants. If your personal or business credit history shows a pattern of late payments, defaults, or bankruptcy, it could raise concerns and result in a declined application.

  • Insufficient processing history: If your business is new or has limited processing history, some providers may be hesitant to approve your application. They may prefer to work with businesses that have an established track record of processing transactions and can demonstrate stability.

  • Unacceptable risk profile: Merchant account providers evaluate the risk associated with each applicant. Factors such as high chargeback ratios, excessive refunds, or a history of fraudulent activity can contribute to an unfavorable risk profile, leading to a declined application.

  • Incomplete or inaccurate application: Providing incomplete or inaccurate information on your application can raise red flags and result in a rejection. It's crucial to ensure that you provide all the required documentation and accurately represent your business and processing needs.

  • Violation of terms and conditions: If you have previously violated the terms and conditions of a merchant processing agreement or engaged in prohibited activities, it may impact your application.

If your application is declined, please contact Exact Support, here, to explore alternative options or solutions.

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