Onboarding Application Statuses

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Under the Merchant Accounts section of the PayFac dashboard it is possible to view the current onboarding status.

The image below shows two recently added Merchants within the Partner account. The column to the furthest right shows the current status as "Bank Boarding".

Below is a list of the different onboarding statuses:

pendingChecksThe Onboarding Application will be validated against the Underwriting Workflow associated with it when the Onboarding Application was created or requested by retry functionality.
checkingThe Underwriting Workflow starts the validation process following the defined Rules.
inProgressThe Underwriting Workflow finished in Review status, or the Account provided additional information (usually documents), so the Underwriter manually reviews the Onboarding Application.
pendedThe Underwriter requested additional information (usually documents) from the Account to validate the provided input during the Onboarding Application and is awaiting that information.
withdrawnThe Account requested to remove their Onboarding Application.
autoApprovedThe Underwriting Workflow finished in Accept status, so the Onboarding Application was automatically approved.
manuallyApprovedThe Underwriter manually approved the Onboarding Application after the manual review process.
autoDeclinedThe Underwriting Workflow finished in Reject status, so the Onboarding Application was automatically declined.
declinedThe Underwriter manually declined the Onboarding Application after the manual review process.
erroredThe Underwriting Workflow process failed due to any reason.
bankBoardingThe Onboarding Application was accepted, so the Account will start the Bank Boarding process with Elavon and Dwolla (only if Dwolla Agreements were taken and the Onboarding Application belongs to the USA).
webhooksThe Bank Boarding process started, and we're awaiting notification results (webhooks) from Elavon, Dwolla, or both. This status is reached only if Elavon and Dwolla are in `webhooks` status.
approvedThe Bank Boarding process with Elavon (Canadian Accounts) or Elavon and Dwolla (USA Accounts + Dwolla Terms and Conditions accepted) was completed successfully.
bankBoardingErrorThe Bank Boarding process failed for any reason and will start again.
reviewNeededThe Underwriter suspects wrong or outdated data or business changes from an approved Account, and it's necessary to re-review it.
inRiskReviewThe Underwriter suspects illegal activity (fraud, money laundering, etc.) from an approved Account, and performing a Risk Review is necessary.
accountClosedExact Payments or the Account decided to shut down their relationship due to their best interests.
terminatedExact Payments terminated their relationship with the Account due to illegal activity (fraud, money laundering, etc.).
finishedFinal status is reached when the Onboarding Application doesn't receive any other action to execute for a specific time (5 seconds).

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