Risk Based Velocity Controls

Created by Richard Moore, Modified on Fri, 20 Oct 2023 at 11:23 AM by Richard Moore

Exact's risk team may apply velocity controls to a merchant accounts. The following response codes indicate that a velocity control threshold was exceeded:

Code: "33"

Message: "Merchant Volume Exceeded"

Code: "34"

Message: "Card Volume Exceeded"

Code: "35"

Message: "Maximum Sale Exceeded"

Code: "36"

Message: "Below Minimum Sale"

Code: "38"

Message: "IP Volume Exceeded"

Example of a transaction that has triggered the "Maximum Sale Exceeded" velocity control threshold:


        "id": "48c4ede2-5027-4451-97c7-151babb5r878",

        "paymentId": "48c4ede2-5027-4451-97c7-151babb5r878",

        "terminalId": "63e78a536db59aa9192a10b2",

        "merchantId": "63e78a5281ac1f6bc5ed44b4",

        "accountId": "61e788a472d18715f2af485d",

        "type": "payment",

        "status": "failed",

        "approved": false,

        "captured": false,

        "voided": false,

        "refunded": false,

        "settled": false,

        "amount": 100000,

        "sentToBank": false,

        "createdAt": "2023-09-29T23:28:58.933Z",

        "funded": false,

        "reference": {

            "referenceNo": "942a2fee4a3ddf3f2c3c"


        "currencyCode": "USD",

        "exactResponse": {

            "code": "35",

            "message": "Maximum Sale Exceeded"


        "paymentMethodDetails": {

            "cardBrand": "visa",

            "cardholder": "Velocity Test",

            "last4": "7356",

            "expiryMonth": 2,

            "expiryYear": 2029


        "internal": {

            "guid": "48c4ede2-5027-4451-97c7-151babb5r878"



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