How to integrate Exact Payments with my Ordway account?

Created by Richard Moore, Modified on Fri, 23 Feb 2024 at 10:29 AM by Richard Moore

The following guide will explain how to add Exact Payments as the default gateway on Ordway. The latter part of the guide will explain how you can run a customer payment through the Exact gateway while having another gateway set as default.

Once you have completed the Exact Payments onboarding process (for more information, email [email protected]) you will receive your accountId. Once you have received this value, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Log-in to Ordway and select the Setup gear on the left-side of the screen. Navigate to Payments, and select Payment Gateway:

  1. Under the Payment Gateway menu, select Connect to Third Party Provider and from the drop-down menu select Exactpay:

  1. Enter your Exactpay Account ID and Account Name for Exactpay. Press Connect.

    1. Note: Exact will provide you with the Account ID once the onboarding process has been completed. 

    2. For Account Name the merchant can choose whatever label they would like. Suggestions are “Gateway”, or “USD”."

    3. Ensure that Enable Test Mode toggle is disabled (as pictured) if processing live transactions.

  1. After connecting Exactpay, use the toggle switch to make Exactpay the default payment processor:

  2.  Once set as default it should appear similar to the image below:

  3. You are now ready to begin processing transactions with Exactpay!

[Optional] If you are migrating from another gateway linked to Ordway you can optionally run a few transactions through the Exact gateway as tests before changing all customers to process through Exact by default.

  1. If you've set the Exact gateway as the default, go back to the Payments Gateway and revert to the incumbent payment gateway.

  2. Select a customer that you would like to run a test with under Customer Accounts

  3. On the right side of the Customer Information menu, press Edit

  4. Under Payment information at the bottom right of this menu you will see the Payment Gateway drop down. Choose Exactpay gateway here.

  5. Below Payment Gateway is the Payment Gateway ID field. This value corresponds to the Exact customerId; this will be provided to you by Exact.

  6. Now you can run a transaction for this customer and it will be processed via Exact Payments. The rest of your customers will continue to be processed via your incumbent gateway.

  7. When you have seen that the transaction has been funded you can change the default gateway for the under Payment Gateway to migrated the entire portfolio to Exact Payments. Note: at this point the customerId is no longer required

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